Full set of mold components are shipped together with mold for easy maintenance in future.

  • "O" ring: 100% quantity used in the mold

  • Ejector ‹= 6mm: 100% quantity; ›6mm: 50% quantity

  • Spring: 100% quantity

  • Waterline nipple: 100% quantity

  • Nylon latch lock: 100% quantity (Three plate mold only)

  • Electrode: By requirement
free mold components

2D and 3D part and mold drawings will be submitted after mold is approved. All details are updated to final ones in case some parts or mold revision is involved during test-approval process.


  • Unique component reproducibility such as cavity, core, insert and slider in future.

  • Easy routine maintenance.
  • 3d mold drawing
  • full detailed 2D mold drawing
  • bill of material mold
  • 3d mold drawing
  • 2d mold drawing
  • bill of material mold
  • 14 months from shipping date on B/L or mold life guaranteed shots number shown in mold counter. It is subject that reach first.

  • Two-ways sea freight and China customs clearance fee will be our charges in case we made mistake.

mold shot number counter